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We are looking to cooperate with all willing manufacturers and suppliers of the core products. In our work we focus our efforts on search for the economically feasible compromise between interests of the customer, general contractor and supplier. To solve this problem, the compliance of all parties with the statutory requirements of the Russian Federation will be essential, as also the provision of equal opportunities for all suppliers for cooperation with our company.

Energokomplekt ООО pursues the procurement on a competitive basis by comparing of suppliers’ proposals followed by the choice of the best bidder. We are interested in the creation of longer-run and steady partnership relations and are ready to offer long-term mutually beneficial partnership relations to our partners thanks to which you will be able to receive access to supply to new facilities and push up sales of your products.

When considering the bids, preference is given to the suppliers meeting the following requirements:
• The existence of a stock-house enabling to accumulate sufficient reserves of materials and supplies
• Be in operation on energy infrastructure market for more than 2 years
• Be in stable financial position
• Availability of ISO 9001 certificates

If your company takes an interest in cooperation with Energokomplekt ООО (Ltd.), do not hesitate to contact us.


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