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Tsvetkov, Leonid — General Director of “Energokomplekt” OOO (Ltd).

Graduated from the Ural State University of Economics with a degree in Jurisprudence.

Since 2015, he has been the General Director of “Energokomplekt” OOO (Ltd).

Work experience in managerial position — 24 years, of which more than 12 years in the management of procurement and supply of electrical equipment to large-scale facilities of power grid infrastructure.

Kolman, Yulia Yurievna – Director of Finance

Graduated from the Urals State Agricultural University; a degree in “Economics and management of industrial enterprises”, specialist field: Managing Economist.

Length of employment in executive positions – 4 years.

Employed with Energokomplekt OOO (Ltd.) as Director of Finance since 2021.

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